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Battlefield 1943

by Alex Peck on February 19th, 2009

In my opinion, Battlefield is the most addictive game franchise yet created – the combination of multiplayer war and statistics is potent.

When I saw the official trailer, my dreams of epic warfare were dashed. I had envisaged 128 players or more, mobile battleships like Battlefield of yesteryear, and perhaps even dynamic tactical objectives to promote teamwork. Battlefield 1943 has none of these things.

It does look pretty slick, and I like the stylistic overhaul. However, I think the console + PC release has taken its toll. There seem to be a lot of vehicles for the measly 24 players. That’s probably why there’s no more medic. Presumably numbers are restricted due to the extra network bandwidth required for destructible environments. Infinate ammo? Stupid.

I wonder how different the experience will be on a console vs a PC. I can’t imagine how easy Goldeneye would seem if played with a mouse and keyboard. I’ve never played CounterStrike on the Xbox, but I imagine it seems a lot slower than the PC.

Really, I think someone needs to invent an FPS controller based on a sub machine gun which you can aim like a wiimote. You could have mechanical reload, and a sensor for your face to activate the scope/iron-sights. That would be cool.

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