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Heavy Rain Demo

by Alex Peck on February 6th, 2010

This is somewhat hidden, but if you visit Precinct 52 you can obtain a code to get the demo.

Once you register, select the following pieces of evidence (for some of them, you need to drill in to get the individual items):

1. Tyre tracks (117h)
2. Short cigarette (117b)
3. Origami bird
4. Coffee shop C (“diner”)

Once submitted you get a code which you can redeem in the Playstation store (there is a little button next to your basket icon at the top which took me an embarrassingly long time to find).

I really enjoyed the sleazy place demo, despite the clunky camera. This is a classic problem: you can let the player control the camera, or provide canned control sequences which are more cinematically gratifying. Although the shots might be framed better, you blunder about like a fool. This tends to break the suspension of disbelief, and is exacerbated by an animation engine which fails to adapt well enough to recover from most blunders.

This sort of criticism is missing the point I think, and failed to put a dent in my enjoyment. Quick time events have evolved slightly since Shenmue, and I like the way button sequences physically reflect the onscreen action and are embedded in the game world.

Watching this I realised that when I played it parts of some scenes ended differently (it clearly depends which questions you ask).

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