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Windows Phone 7 OneNote SkyDrive synchronization

by Alex Peck on November 22nd, 2010

This would appear to be a straightforward process, as described here. However, when I did it, I persistently received Error 8007002: synchronization failure.

My workaround was as follows:

      1. Using a PC, create a new notebook in SkyDrive. Open the new notebook and the Personal (Web) notebook in seperate tabs. Copy the contents from the old to teh new (the tedious part).
      2. Using your phone, go to and log in. Open the new notebook in OneNote.
      3. Using your phone, set the new notebook as default and remove Personal (Web).
      4. Using a PC, delete the Personal (Web) notebook from skydrive

I later got Error 8007002 after renaming a section (which is a bug), and had to repeat the process yet again. So, don’t rename sections!

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  1. Vlad permalink

    I’ve got a same error. 😐

  2. Nakke permalink

    It worked, thanks!

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